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Japan Post and Honda to collaborate on using electric motorcycles for postal deliveries

Japan Post Co., Ltd. and Honda Motor Co. began discussions and signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the development and use of electric motorcycles for postal deliveries; these will serve as an alternative to the current gasoline-powered delivery motorcycles.

During the past approximately half century, Japan Post and Honda have built a cooperative relationship through the development and operation of delivery motorcycles. Japan Post and Honda will now jointly conduct demonstration testing on the use of electric vehicles for postal delivery operation and charging stations at post offices.

The two companies will also discuss how the system and capability as well as the quality of maintenance service for vehicles used for postal delivery can be secured and maintained.

Under the scheme, Japan Post will conduct demonstration testing and explore the possibility of introducing electric vehicles to be developed by Honda for postal delivery operation. Though this initiative, the two companies will strive to establish a system and capability where Japan Post can be permanently committed to postal delivery operation while continuously complying with exhaust emission regulations that will become ever more stringent into the future.

The two companies will also conduct demonstration testing of installing charging stations to post offices for electric vehicles that will be used for postal delivery operation by Japan Post. As a future vision, the two companies will also strive to enable post offices with their function as charging stations to serve as infrastructure that contributes to local communities as a convenient place where people get together.

Honda has been developing Honda Biz LINC, a cloud-based solution using location information (GPS function) from a smart phone/tablet and supporting improvement of the efficiency of business operations that involve near-distance traveling with motorcycles and mini-vehicles.

Japan Post will conduct demonstration testing utilizing Honda Biz LINC with its postal delivery vehicles and strive to operate its vehicles more efficiently and safely by using functions that enable ascertaining of location information of each vehicle.

The two companies will strengthen the Japan-wide maintenance structure for Honda-made motorcycles that are currently being used by Japan Post for its delivery operation.



This is a logical entry for ecycles. the duty cycle, low average and max speed as well as the usually short distance from home for return to base and o/night garaging and charging are ideal for introducing battery cycles.
There is a lot of low speed and idle time that work against the ice cycles.
If they can't make it here, there is something wrong.
My guess is it will prove a popular success.

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