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DOE: 11% of motor vehicles jobs focus on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles

According to figures gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE), 11% of the 2.3 million jobs supported by the motor vehicles and component parts industry for the first quarter of 2016 were related to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

The majority of employment (82%) was related to gasoline and diesel vehicles, while 7% was classified as “other.” For most of the vehicle types, employment was higher for motor vehicles than for component parts, but for natural gas vehicles and the “other” category, employment was higher in component parts.



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So only 40,000 work on BEVs in the US auto industry and Tesla employ 20,000 of those directly or indirectly or 50%. It shows the old auto industry is not serious about BEVs. There are no sustainable automakers apart from Tesla. Other automakers are only in the BEV business for compliance reasons or green show-off without real effort.


New auto sales are about 1% of U.S. GDP the issue is depending on imported oil. We have seen since the 70s this is NOT a good plan.



The math is not that straightforward. Many of the people at US based manufacturers spend time working on BOTH ICE-based and Electric based products. Example - Engineers working on Cruze suspension, tires, seats are also working on Volt. People who work on hybrid and plug-in hybrid are likely to be classified in the Gasoline & Diesel group because the highest volume versions of the vehicles they work on are just that.

And finally, no automaker is going to divulge an accurate assessment of how many people they have working on future product.

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