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Audi to acquire Silvercar, expand digital mobility technology and service offerings

Audi intends to acquire fully Silvercar Inc., a shared mobility company, to expand its digital mobility solutions and services. The two companies have worked together since 2012, developing and delivering innovative consumer mobility offerings under the Audi mobility, Silvercar and Dealerware brands. In 2015, Audi led in a $28 million Series C investment in Silvercar. (Earlier post.)

The companies expect approval of the transaction by responsible regulatory authorities, with the transaction concluding in the first half of 2017.

Audi and Silvercar share a vision for the future of transportation This acquisition enables Audi to move forward with a progressive partner and continue our technology leadership into the next era of mobility.

—Matt Carpenter, Audi of America’s chief financial officer

Audi has developed its own innovative shared mobility solutions, from Audi on demand in San Francisco to corporate vehicle services, such as Audi shared fleet. Silvercar’s technology platform enables the seamless management of transportation products and services in both the retail and corporate mobility spaces, including Audi shared fleet and Silvercar’s innovative airport car-rental experience.


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