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BorgWarner providing dual-clutch module for Chang’An’s first DCT, applied in EADO PHEV

BorgWarner is providing its advanced DualTronic clutch and control module with integrated torsional vibration damper for ChangAn’s first self-developed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), initially available for the EADO plug-in hybrid, EADO XT and upcoming CS85 SUV.

Featuring high thermal robustness, scalable torque capacity and tunable launch characteristics in a compact and modular design, BorgWarner’s dual-clutch module enables shifts within fractions of a second and contributes to fuel efficiency comparable to that of a manual gearbox.


By using two wet clutches to engage the even and odd gears respectively, BorgWarner’s dual-clutch module allows extremely quick shifts without any noticeable interruptions of the power flow. The control module uses compact electro-hydraulic solenoid valves to precisely regulate the clutch as well as the transmission’s gearshift actuation system for dynamic performance.

Advanced high-energy wet friction materials with a specially developed groove design minimize spin losses, provide improved heat resistance and deliver high torque capacity and reliable operation over the transmission’s lifetime.

The integrated torsional vibration damper further enhances vehicle response and engine agility through its low inertia while facilitating system tuning in combination with BorgWarner’s dual-clutch module.


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