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AVID Technology and GKN Hybrid Power strike deal to develop EVO motor for hybrid and electric vehicle industry

UK-based automotive cleantech firm AVID Technology Limited has signed a deal with GKN Hybrid Power to develop and manufacture electric motors for the automotive industry. As part of the license agreement, AVID \will take over the development, manufacture and sale of EVO axial flux motors. (Earlier post.) The production of the existing AF-130, AF-140, AF-230 and AF-240 designs has transferred to AVID’s manufacturing facility. The arrangement will also see AVID develop the high power density EVO technology further, which will deliver new variants of the motor and additional applications.

The EVO Motor’s high power density, ability to run at speeds that remove the need for a gearbox and its flat configuration enables in-wheel designs and operation in confined spaces. Its axial flux technology was originally developed by a tech company spin-out from Imperial College London.

The benefits for GKN and AVID’s target market mean that vehicles can use lighter, smaller and higher powered components, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions in comparison to conventional technology. Less space is occupied by the components which also creates more room for passengers.

The contract will generate a new multi-million revenue stream for AVID Technology, an award-winning market leader in the design and manufacture of electrified ancillaries for the electric and hybrid vehicle market.

AVID’s core business is the electrification and intelligent control of engine ancillaries, thermal management systems and hybrid systems including pumps and fans that are used in many advanced electric, hybrid and low emission diesel vehicles.

The company’s expertise and technology is used by many manufacturers of heavy duty and high performance electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle powertrains for efficient thermal management, lubrication and ancillary drive systems.

The EVO axial flux motor technology remains leading-edge with a growing target market. In AVID, a young and ambitious UK firm which is also focused on clean energy technology, we have a great partner to further develop the EVO Motor and bring the system into regular production to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.

—Gordon Day, General Manager for GKN Hybrid Power


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