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TEPCO takes a stake in UK-based stationary storage company Moixa Energy

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) has made a £500,000 (US$621,000) equity investment in Moixa Energy Holdings, a UK-based provider of residential batteries and platforms for managing storage services.

Moixa offers a compact and affordable smart battery for residential customers that helps households to save money by storing spare solar or cheap tariff electricity. In addition, its cloud-based GridShare platform helps manage and aggregate distributed storage resources, thereby delivering grid services and savings for the energy system.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., established in 1951 and headquartered in Tokyo, is the largest utility in Japan and serves more than 29 million homes and businesses. Worldwide, the company has more than 74 subsidiaries and affiliates in 8 countries.


Henry Gibson

Good idea. Tepco's NGK has perhaps built the largest battery in the world with its Sodium Sulphur units. Too bad it was not at the Fukushima site. Every home should have the similar Sodium-Nickel-Cloride units which will last the life of a house without maintenance and provide emergency power to the grid if necessary at a small fraction of the cost of a house. They will not burn and are packed in steel in every case. A unit for just the right voltage for US houses, 110 volts, has been built for years for railway car lights. They can use and already partially use Iron if nickel becomes too expensive. Co-generation in homes and larger buildings where natural gas is available is the cheapest way to reduce CO2 release and save energy. Fuels should never be burned directly but in a mechanical energy producing device. Honda Ecowills should be found in every place that natural gas is burned, and where more power or heat is needed Capstone turbines can be added or Marathon units for intermediate needs. ..HG..

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