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Genesis, Hyundai Motor’s high-end luxury brand, unveiled its GV80 Concept SUV at the New York International Auto Show. The new fuel cell concept SUV is the brand’s first interpretation of a versatile luxury SUV. The GV80 Concept also utilizes plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric technology to combine eco-performance and capability.


The front of the GV80 Concept showcases the signature Genesis crest grille presented by the lower grille surround. Below the lower setting, an aerodynamic fascia channels air through precision facet cut-outs around the front wheels and side rocker panels. These warm-toned alloy elements signal key structural components and technical features alluding to the GV80 Concept’s functionality and alternative powertrain.

The lower rear fascia also features purposely integrated vents to cool elements of the alternative powertrain.

The GV80 Concept’s interior features an innovative Human Machine Interface that offers users intuitive operation and function control through the use of a new multi-function interactive controller with capacitive touch. The horizontal 22-inch curved OLED infinity display presents two distinct zones, providing separate driver and passenger experiences.

The top of the interactive multi-function controller features a concave gorilla glass touchpad and knurled metal wheel with handwriting recognition as another method for interacting with the informational panel. Through touch control, each metal string allows direct access to the most commonly used functions including Navigation, Entertainment, Communication, and Environment (or customized driver settings).

By tapping these metal strings, passengers gain separate control of a mini-view on the right side of the wide display without disturbing the driver. The custom inlayed console runs through the center spine of the SUV emphasizing the length of the vehicle while creating four separated zones. Each passenger is invited to a tailored seat with access to the capacitive touch inlays and an individual entertainment system allowing for control of a customized user experience.


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