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The UK 5*StarS consortium, which partners HORIBA MIRA, Ricardo, Roke, Thatcham Research and Axillium Research, will receive grant funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to launch the Automotive Cyber Security through Assurance project. The project will address the increased threat from cybersecurity with the proliferation of connected and autonomous road vehicles.

Following its successful bid to secure funding, the consortium will research and develop an innovative assurance methodology to assure that connected autonomous vehicles components and systems have been designed and tested to the relevant cyber security standards throughout their whole lifecycle.

The ultimate aim of the consortium is to develop a 5-star-type consumer rating framework, analogous to existing EuroNCAP type ratings for vehicle safety.

This project is a major step forward in not only clarifying the risks associated with connected autonomous vehicles for the insurance industry, but also in increasing consumer confidence. The project will also help to realize the commercial opportunity connected autonomous vehicles bring for the UK, and we’re delighted to lead a consortium of global players capable of addressing this major emerging challenge.

—Chris Reeves, Head of Connected Autonomous Vehicles at HORIBA MIRA


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