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The Velite 5, Buick’s first extended-range electric vehicle, made its global debut in Shanghai today. It is the latest iconic product from the brand in the new energy vehicle segment, and is based on the Chevrolet Volt.

Top: Buick Velite 5. Bottom: 2017 Chevrolet Volt. Click to enlarge.

The Velite 5 features GM’s proven EVT electronic controlled intelligent variable transmission. The system has a double high-performance, permanent-magnet electric motor drive unit. This supports its hybrid-exclusive 1.5L direct injection engine as well as its new-generation lithium battery pack.

The Velite 5 offers up to 768 kilometers (477 miles) of range in extended-range mode. Its prioritized pure electric driving mode is rated in China as providing 116 kilometers (72 miles) of range.

The Velite 5 is the first hybrid vehicle manufactured in China with fuel consumption below 1.0 liter/100 kilometers. Its average fuel economy performance is as low as 0.9 liter/100 kilometers.

With cumulative retail sales of more than 8 million units in China, Buick is committed to expanding its portfolio of new energy vehicles. Under the Buick Blue strategy, it will introduce additional new energy vehicles in China in the next two years, including hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles.

The Velite 5 is the second model that wears the Buick Blue badge, joining the LaCrosse hybrid electric vehicle launched last April. Two trim levels are being offered. The 1.5GL is priced at RMB 265,800 (US$38,600) and the 1.5GS is priced at RMB 295,800 (US$42,995). Each is eligible for a subsidy of RMB 36,000 (US$5,200) from SAIC-GM.


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