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At Auto Shanghai 2017, Dana Incorporated is showcasing select technologies from its Spicer Electrified portfolio of fully integrated motor, control, and e-drive technologies, as well as thermal-management products for electric and hybrid vehicles.

On display is Dana’s new Spicer electric motor-driven gearbox, which is specifically engineered to deliver better acceleration and higher torque in high-speed battery electric vehicles (BEV). Additionally, Dana’s new Spicer Electrified e-axles for electric transit buses and city delivery vehicles feature a fully integrated motor and gear box and leverage the company’s experience in chassis drivetrain applications. These e-axles are planned for launch in 2018.

Dana is also collaborating with automotive manufacturers to develop all-wheel-drive (AWD) e-axles that deliver superior performance, packaging, and reliability, while meeting customer demand for AWD functionality paired with traditional front-wheel-drive hybrids.

The company also offers an extensive range of highly engineered Long thermal-management products for electric and hybrid vehicles, including aluminum integrated cooling plates that ensure the performance and reliability of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switches.

Chinese auto buyers purchased almost half of all the plug-in electric vehicles sold in the world last year, and Chinese officials have set ambitious goals for the further adoption of hybrid- and electric-powered vehicles in the decades ahead. With over 25 years of supplying innovations to the Chinese vehicle industry and a proven range of advanced technologies that improve fuel-efficiency and reduce emissions, Dana is ideally positioned to help OEMs as they design vehicle programs for the future.

—Bob Pyle, president of Dana Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies and the leader of Dana’s electrification and hybridization strategy

Electric and hybrid vehicle technology is a main tenet of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Made in China 2025” initiative. Government authorities currently support the commercialization of new energy vehicles through subsidies for vehicle manufacturers and plans for a nationwide charging-station network. Chinese officials expect automakers to produce two million electric and hybrid vehicles annually by 2020—a 500% increase over 2015.

Dana has been recognized by the China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) over the past three years for its electric and hybrid vehicle solutions.

Spicer SmartConnect disconnecting All-Wheel-Drive technology for SUVs, light vehicles. Dana also introduced the company’s Spicer SmartConnect disconnecting all-wheel-drive (AWD) technology for the first time at Auto Shanghai 2017. The Spicer SmartConnect system configures the drivetrain to work in fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive mode for the vast majority of driving conditions. It automatically and seamlessly converts to AWD when it detects slipping at the wheel, such as during rapid acceleration or in icy conditions.

Spicer SmartConnect technology is currently in pre-production testing, with production expected to begin in late 2018. Improving the fuel efficiency of SUVs, crossovers, and passenger vehicles, Spicer SmartConnect technology helps global vehicle manufacturers address evolving emissions regulations while maintaining the safety and control that are key advantages for AWD vehicles.

Sales of SUVs grew by 45% in China last year, while the production of all-wheel-drive vehicles is expected to double in size to two million units a year by 2019. Spicer SmartConnect technology reinforces Dana’s position in China as a leader in innovations that deliver the performance and efficiency features in highest demand.

—Bob Pyle

Dana offers complete driveline solutions for China’s fast-growing SUV market, including compact power transfer units, hang-on rear axle drive units, beam axles, propshafts, and independent rear-axle/front-axle drive units.

Dana serves numerous light-vehicle manufacturers in China, including Beijing Jeep Corporation, BMW, Daimler, Dongfeng Motor, Ford, Great Wall, Jinbei, SAIC, SGM, Southeast Motor Corporation, Toyota, VW Group.


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