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Virent has appointed Stacey Orlandi as the company’s new CEO. Orlandi will lead efforts to commercialize Virent’s technology for the large scale production of renewable fuels and chemicals and replace Lee Edwards, who has elected to retire after serving for eight years as CEO.

Orlandi brings more than 18 years of international energy experience to Virent. Most recently, she was Vice President Technology for Novel Processes and New Energies at Royal Dutch Shell, and previously with BP where she held numerous roles, including Cherry Point Refinery Manager, Refining Technology Development Manager and Refining Supply Manager.

Virent is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesoro Corporation. Its patented technology features catalytic chemistry to convert plant-based materials into a full range of products identical to those made from petroleum, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and chemicals for plastics and fibers. The products are drop-in replacements that enable full utilization of existing logistics infrastructure without blending limitations.


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