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Landi Renzo USA to offer MY 2018 F-150 with CNG; 50,000-mile warranty

Landi Renzo USA, a division of Landi Renzo Group, a global leader in alternative fuel systems, will offer the Ford F-150 with compressed natural gas (CNG) for model year 2018 with Ford Ship-Thru strategically located adjacent to the Ford assembly plant in Kansas City, Mo. As a Ford-approved Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) system developer, Landi Renzo USA is the first to offer the all-new F-150 truck for MY2018 with 5.0L gaseous prep engine via Ford dealers as a Ship-Thru.

Landi Renzo will start taking orders for the MY2018 F-150 with CNG in May 2017. Additional Landi Renzo model year 2018 products for CNG-equipped Ford trucks include F-250/350, F-450/550, F-650/750, F-53/59 and E-450.

Landi Renzo USA is also introducing a new warranty program on all of its CNG-fueled systems beginning with MY2018 Ford vehicles with a landmark 3 years/50,000 miles—compared to the industry average of 3 years/36,000 miles.

Landi Renzo plans to continue expanding its Ford Ship-Thru capabilities and streamlining fleet supply chain logistics.

Landi Renzo Group sells more than one million alternative fuel systems annually worldwide. Operating through both OEM and aftermarket business channels, Landi Renzo has achieved a worldwide market share in excess of 35% with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems.


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