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Autonomous vehicle (AV) software developer nuTonomy (earlier post) and Groupe PSA have entered a strategic partnership through which nuTonomy will seamlessly integrate its software system into customized PEUGEOT 3008s for on-road testing of fully autonomous cars in Singapore. The PEUGEOT 3008 was recently named 2017 European Car of the Year.

Under the initial phase of the partnership, nuTonomy will install its software, along with specialized sensors and computing platforms, into PEUGEOT 3008 vehicles that have been customized by PSA. nuTonomy expects to complete the integration of its autonomous vehicle (AV) system this summer, with on-road testing of the self-driving 3008s beginning in Singapore in September.

Seamless integration of AV software with vehicle hardware is viewed by both companies as a critical step toward deploying driverless cars at scale, over extended life cycles. This partnership provides an opportunity for both companies to study autonomous vehicle system performance, as well as the end-to-end user experience of an on-demand AV mobility service in urban use cases.

This collaboration bolsters Groupe PSA’s ambition of becoming the preferred mobility provider for customers worldwide, as described in the company’s strategic plan “Push to Pass” issued in April 2016. This collaboration, which is being implemented under the Groupe PSA’s “Autonomous Vehicle for All” (AVA) program, will bring to market on-demand mobility solutions offering full autonomy.

Following the initial phase of this partnership, the companies will consider expanding their on-road AV testing initiative to other major cities around the world. Groupe PSA’s Business Lab and Innovation Division are launching this collaboration to identify and evaluate new business opportunities, particularly in the Mobility and Digital fields.

nuTonomy has been conducting public trials of an on-demand AV mobility service in Singapore since August 2016. The partnership with Groupe PSA expands nuTonomy’s test fleet, which operates in one-north, the AV test bed designated by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Singapore actively supports the development of new mobility solutions, as it seeks to embrace a growing population while maximizing the efficient use of infrastructure. nuTonomy’s founders and the LTA have been R&D partners in the development of commercial AV services since 2010.



Go Peugeot!

They have been my choice for the last two cars, first the 208 then since I decided in my old age to go automatic and fancied a CUV, the 2008 GTi line, which at 10 seconds 0-60 is not really very GT but the turbo sounds nice and it is fast enough to collect a speeding ticket or drive straight into the car in front in the perpetual Bristol traffic jams.

The 3008 is sweet, but I could not really justify the extra for a few more doo-dads such as blind spot monitoring and intelligent cruise control.

Perhaps in my next car, when I fully intend to get as much automation as possible.

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