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DeepMap raises $25M in Series A, $32M to date; high-definition mapping for safe autonomy

DeepMap—a team of senior Google and Apple mapping and cloud infrastructure software engineers and LiDAR pioneers—announced a $25-million Series A round led by Accel, with participation from seed-stage investors Andreessen Horowitz and GSR Ventures. This round of funding brings the company’s total raise to $32 million. DeepMap’s service delivers the capabilities necessary for self-driving cars to navigate in the complex and unpredictable real world by addressing three important elements: precise high-definition mapping, ultra-accurate real-time localization and the serving infrastructure to support massive global scaling.

The technology maps the road environment to the centimeter level, tells the self-driving vehicle precisely where it is and shares updates with other vehicles running off DeepMap’s platform, in real time when needed. The technology also manages the associated data in a very cost-efficient and highly scalable manner.

With this round of funding, DeepMap will further expand and optimize its HD mapping and localization platform, and continue to selectively expand its team.

Our goal is to help make self-driving cars and trucks drive safely and make them a reality as quickly as possible. The societal implications of integrating self-driving vehicles into the transportation ecosystem are considerable—from more independence for the elderly, the young and the handicapped, to saving many lives and making commuting a more meaningful use of time. But to get there, we need precise mapping and localization technology that is purpose-built from the ground up and ensures the highest possible safety, performance and operating efficiency. Solving this challenge to a point where it’s safely deployable in the real world is very hard, time-consuming and expensive. We can help automotive companies get to market faster with better technology, less risk and by spending much less.

—James Wu, CEO and co-founder of DeepMap


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