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Finnish manufacturer of electric drivetrains for heavy vehicles Visedo has signed a supply and purchase agreement with Asia’s largest electric motor producer TECO Electric & Machinery Company. Under the agreement, Visedo will benefit from TECO’s significant production capacity and ability to service major tender projects worldwide and particularly in Asia. In turn, TECO will have access to Visedo’s expertise in developing synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) power systems (earlier post).

The agreement will also assist Visedo in further developing commercial opportunities across Asia’s emerging markets. This follows Visedo’s opening of a new Hong Kong office last month and signing a letter of intent with VC firm, Beijing Capital Investment, to help the company access China’s booming EV market—already the world’s single largest.

Our synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) technology allows Visedo to deliver the market’s most efficient hybrid and fully electric solutions that are also smaller and lighter than our competitors. Visedo can already guarantee better performing hybrid and fully electric drivetrains in a more compact and robust product— partnership with TECO will allow Visedo to also compete at the scale and volume of our Tier One OEM rivals.

—Visedo CEO Kimmo Rauma

Visedo SRPM technology combines the benefits of PM and synchronous reluctance technology, and feature increased torque capability over a wide speed range and the ability to produce torque to higher speeds. Machine efficiency at lower speeds is also good.

The supply current to the machine stator windings create a rotating magnetic field, which in turn rotates the rotor containing permanent magnets. In the synchronous permanent magnet machine, the rotation of the rotor (shaft) is synchronized with the frequency of the power supply current. The reluctance technology maximizes the pull­out torque of the machine.

Visedo drivetrain motors are liquid-cooled and designed to work as traction motors in harsh operating environments. Compared to conventional technologies such as induction machines (IM) or standard permanent magnet motors (PM), Visedo SRPM motors offer smaller dimensions, lighter weight and higher efficiency, the company says.

The motors are available in various speed and torque ratings in both Visedo machine series:

  • PowerDRUM with power up to 4,000 kW—high torque with high efficiency

  • PowerDISK with power up to 75 kW—short axial length to fit in tight spaces

The Finnish company has developed and installed its technology to power fully electric buses in the Finnish capital Helsinki and in the Swedish city of Umeå. In the marine segment Visedo has also helped deliver Asia’s first hybrid electric ferry; Finland’s first all-electric ferry; and is currently developing the power system for the world’s largest electric E-ferry in Denmark.


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