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GM Maven expanding car-sharing operations in NYC

GM’s Maven is expanding operations in New York City with more than 80 Maven City car-sharing vehicles available throughout Manhattan for hourly or daily reservations. Maven has now rolled out in 17 cities across North America and its members have covered more than 125 million miles.

Maven offers three products to address urban growth trends and the need for mobility as a service:

  • Maven City is a fully connected, seamless car-sharing experience featuring cars loaded with technology and available for on-demand rental.

  • Maven Home provides transportation as a service for residential communities and commercial entities.

  • Maven Gig is an on-demand vehicle rental service that allows drivers in the sharing economy the freedom to switch between several brands, services and gigs.

More than 80 vehicles are now available in Manhattan, from Columbia University to Battery Park, for hourly or daily reservations. Maven will continue to expand into the boroughs and throughout the city.

Maven eliminates the need to own a car in New York City. Residents no longer have to pay high insurance premiums and costly rates to park in garages when the street is not an option. Personally owned vehicles sit idle 95% of the time, and each shared car takes about 15 private cars off the road, helping to alleviate congestion.


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