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Tritium trials Veefil 50 kW fast chargers in China in joint venture with Oxford University Innovation

Australia-based Tritium, a developer of infrastructure solutions for the EV market, has started trials of its Veefil-RT 50kW DC charger in China, a market currently experiencing stronger growth in EV sales than the US or Europe. Tritium is developing its strategy in China in collaboration with the Hong Kong office of Oxford University Innovation (Hong Kong), which facilitates international technology transfers between the rest of the world and Asia.

The first Veefil-RT has been installed in Jiangsu Province, a leading innovation economy in east China, close to the financial centre of Shanghai.

China is currently one of the most dynamic EV markets globally. The Government is keen to stimulate sales, with a range of subsidies and purchase advantages available. Plus, the country has developed a methodology that enables it to bring new automotive models to the market rapidly. We see China as an exciting market; our Veefil-RT charger is ‘China-ready’ and we are actively seeking partners in the country.

—Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director



A move in the right direction but should be increased from 50 to at least 500 KW for very quick charge stations.



"our Veefil-RT charger is ‘China-ready’ and we are actively seeking partners in the country."

It appropriate to build machines that can be supported by the existing infrastructure.
When no vehicles exist that require 500KW although some commercial and buses may start come to market, they will be supported by in house dedicated infrastructure.

These are for roll out at scale.

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