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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey recently signed bill HB2368, enabling the retail sale of isobutanol-blended gasoline for on-road vehicles. The bill permits isobutanol to be used as an oxygenate in gasoline for on-road vehicles in Arizona. (More precisely, it removes isobutanol from the list of proscribed oxygenates.)

The new law takes effect in August 2017. Isobutanol produced by Gevo is already being sold in Arizona for off-road applications such as boating, ATVs, motorcycles and landscape equipment.

Isobutanol is an ideal renewable gasoline blendstock because of its high energy content, high octane, low water solubility and low volatility. Gevo’s isobutanol meets the ASTM 7862 specification that covers isobutanol blends with gasoline.


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