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Havelaar Canada unveils battery-electric pickup truck

Havelaar Canada launched the Bison battery-electric pickup truck at the EMC show in Markham, Ontario today. Underpinning the Bison E-Pickup is an advanced dual-motor, fully-electric all-wheel-drive powertrain with advanced electronic management of the vehicle dynamics.

The first all-electric pickup truck designed and tested in Canada, Havelaar’s Bison is built for tough Canadian weather conditions and challenging terrain.

The Bison features a carbon fiber reinforced steel space frame, with class-leading torsional stiffness for enhanced durability and handling. Off-road capabilities allow for 54% hill start and 21% hill climb at full load.


Tony Han, CEO of Havelaar Canada, led the launch in 2016 of the University of Toronto Havelaar Electric Vehicle Research Center (UTHEV) together with UTHEV Director Professor Olivier Trescases and Associate Director, Professor Peter Lehn of the University of Toronto Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The cross-disciplinary partnership focuses on transformative powertrain, energy management and autonomous driving technologies to increase electric vehicle efficiency, safety, comfort, and lifetime, and reduce system costs.



Will TESLA do better and when?


Will people buy them? Fleets might for certain applications.

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