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University of Surrey launches global research center on air pollution

The University of Surrey is launching a new multi-disciplinary research center next week to tackle air pollution. The Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) will see the University leading on collaborative, cutting-edge research to identify an action plan to ensure “clean air for all”.

The Air Quality Lab (AQL) is housed with advanced pollution monitoring instruments, and is part of GCARE. GCARE will provide a virtual and physical collaborative platform for conducting research, supporting University-wide national and international projects under the themes of urban living and sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Prashant Kumar, the University of Surrey’s Professor and Chair in Air Quality & Health and a founding director of GCARE, is also coordinating the research project NEST-SEAS (Next-Generation Environmental Sensing for Local To Global Scale Health Impact Assessment). This aims to develop a methodology for integration of local urban scale pollution data into global/regional scale models for identifying pollution hotspots, and assessing health impacts.

NEST-SEAS is funded by the UGPN partners from Universities of Surrey, Wollongong, Sao Paulo, and North Carolina State University.

These goals will be achieved through pilot air quality and exposure studies in selected cities, together with global and regional scale modelling over selected test-beds that bridge the local scale studies.



I fully support this research by the University of Surrey. I am a biologist by education and now working on research and writing an essay for the site on the topic "INVESTIGATION OF URBAN ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION BY AUTOMOBILE GAS." I am confident that the set goals will be achieved, which will allow them conducting the local scale studies.

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