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GKN Driveline expands production of eDrive to meet increasing demand

GKN Driveline announced a major expansion of its European eDrive production facility in Bruneck, Italy to serve increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicle programs from new and existing OEM clients.

GKN Driveline will boost the current 11,000 m2 floor space by more than 60%, to create an 18,000 m2 facility dedicated predominantly to eDrive production. To facilitate the expansion, GKN will relocate other driveline production to alternative sites in Europe. The expansion will also help facilitate increase production of all-wheel drive technologies, such as electronic torque management units.

Between 70 and 80 employees who currently work on constant velocity joint (CVJ) production will move into eDrive manufacturing. The project will be complete by 2019, which will result in Bruneck being predominantly focused on eDrive production, with 10 eDrive programs expected to be delivered from the site.

The Bruneck site’s manufacturing portfolio includes the PACE Award-winning coaxial eAxle, featured on a range of Volvo plug-in hybrids, the world’s first two-speed eAxle, equipped on the BMW i8 sports car, and all-wheel drive products such as GKN’s Electronic Torque Management systems. The site was established as a production facility in the 1960s and now employs approximately 800 people.

Beyond the Bruneck site, GKN also manufactures eDrive technologies in Japan, and it will commence production of eDrive systems in China next year with its Joint Venture partner, SDS.

GKN will relocate CVJ manufacturing from Bruneck to alternative Driveline facilities within Europe, while its Off Highway business will move to a new facility in Welsberg-Taisten, Italy.



One of those advancements that seems to be flying a bit under the radar but steadily gaining traction in the marketplace.

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