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Hydrogenics to provide fuel cell systems for four Scandia fuel-cell trucks in Norway

Hydrogenics Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, has been awarded a contract to deliver four HyPM-HD90 fuel cell systems to be integrated into Scania hydrogen trucks owned and operated by ASKO, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler. (Earlier post.) Additional terms were not disclosed. The first Scania hydrogen-powered vehicles are expected to be operational by late 2018.

In August 2016, Scania and ASKO announced the planned testing of the 27t, three-axle hydrogen fuel cell-powered distribution trucks. Scania is replacing the internal combustion engine with the fuel cell system and hydrogen storage; The rest of the powertrain is composed of the same standard components used in the hybrid trucks and buses that Scania already delivers.

By signing this contract for our first four fuel cell operated trucks, ASKO has reached another milestone on the path to achieving our 2020 environmental goals of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent, being a self-sufficient provider of clean energy, and using 100 percent renewable fuel.

We are happy to have the most competent partners contracted for this project, including Scania for the electric truck, Hydrogenics for the integrated fuel cell and tank system, and Thermo King for the self-powered truck temperature control solution.

—Jørn Arvid Endresen, CEO of ASKO Mid Norway



This is a great application for fuel cells.
Delivery trucks for food churn out large amounts of pollutants chilling the food, as well as in stop start driving, so a fuel cell can take care of both needs far more flexibly and at lower weight than a battery solution.

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