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Hydrogenics to provide 1,000 fuel cell bus power modules to Blue-G in China; $50M deal

Hydrogenics Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, has signed a Purchase and License Agreement for technology and fuel cells with Blue-G New Energy Science and Technology Corporation (Blue-G) in China.

Under the agreement, Hydrogenics will deliver 1,000 fuel cell units to Blue-G to be integrated into zero-emission electric buses and an engineering support component for an aggregate sum payable to the Company of more than US$50 million. Delivery of the fuel cells and the associated payments are expected to occur over the next two to three years. Hydrogenics also expects to generate incremental license royalties over a 10-year period.

Hydrogenics’ HyPM-HD mobility power solutions are purpose built for applications from range extension to sole propulsion systems in power outputs of 30 to 180 kW. Introduced in 2014 with the HyPM at its core, Celerity, and its advanced option, CelerityPlus Celerity and CelerityPlus are optimally designed and configured for vehicles requiring a standard engine bay installation. Celerity requires minimal drivetrain engineering while CelerityPlus offers a drop-in solution. (Earlier post.)

The agreement was signed in Beijing by Daryl Wilson, President and CEO of Hydrogenics and Ronald R. Lee, President and CEO of Blue-G. Witnessing the signing was the Minister of Natural Resources Canada, the Honorable James Gordon Carr.

We are very pleased to be able to bring Hydrogenics’ unique and leading technology to our transit customers in China. The ease of implementation of Hydrogenics’ fuel cell systems has allowed Blue-G to rapidly advance in providing zero-emission powertrains to our customers. We look forward to a very successful and long-term collaboration.

—Ronald Lee

As one of our first Certified Integration Partners (CIP), Blue-G and Hydrogenics have already worked together for several years. Blue-G has brought zero-emission buses with our fuel cells to some of China’s key urban centers and is a recognized leader in advancing China’s commitment to clean-energy urban transportation. We are delighted that our relationship has now expanded to this degree.

—Daryl Wilson



China is currently the world leader in manufacturing FC-Buses and eBuses of various sizes.

FC extended range intercity and city buses will soon compete with ebuses.


Sunline in Palm Springs, CA has been running FC buses for more than a decade with great success. Transit districts in the U.S. are conservative, they buy what they bought before, it is time we move ahead.


Please check how many electrified (EVs and FCs) buses have been previously built in USA and China and how many will be built in USA and China in 2017 and you may find out that China is the leader.

Like with very high speed (VHS) electric trains, USA may not catch up for decades. China can build both (and required batteries and FCs) much faster.

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