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USDOT releases integrated ITS Reference Architecture with connected vehicle capabilities

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office has released of the first version of the ITS National Reference Architecture to fully incorporate connected vehicle capabilities in detail. Version 8.0 of the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) and its accompanying software tools are available at no cost from

ARC-IT Version 8.0 is a major upgrade to the National ITS Reference Architecture that integrates content evolved from both the National ITS Architecture Version 7.1 and the Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA) Version 2.2.

ARC-IT provides a unifying framework that covers ITS comprehensively, including connected vehicle and traditional infrastructure ITS capabilities. ARC-IT and the accompanying toolsets help implementers develop regional architectures to effectively meet their needs and ensure regulatory compliance, while facilitating efficient, secure, and interoperable ITS deployments.

ARC-IT also includes the release of two companion software tools—the Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) and the Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT):

  • RAD-IT provides all the functionality that regional architects have come to expect from Turbo Architecture, updated with a more modern user interface and use of the ARC-IT database.

  • SET-IT provides related project architecture functionality tailored to implementation and project specification.

Both tools are backwards compatible with their previous incarnations.


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