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Park City Transit has deployed Utah’s first zero-emission, battery-electric mass transit fleet, which will include six Proterra Catalyst FC+ buses.

Selected to serve the region’s renowned ski resort community, the Proterra fleet supports Park City’s and Summit County’s transition toward renewable energy and the reduction of its overall carbon footprint. With one of the nation’s most ambitious climate targets, Park City is laying a path for a net-zero carbon footprint for its municipal operations by 2022 and a Summit County area-wide net-zero carbon footprint by 2032 by implementing Proterra’s proven transit technology.

With its deployment of Proterra vehicles, the Park City region will become the first mountain resort community in the United States to operate a highly efficient, battery-electric transit service.

Nicknamed the “Electric Xpress,” the free transit service will provide clean, quiet, and efficient transportation to residents and tourists throughout several neighborhoods, including Park City Resort, Canyons Village, Silver Springs, Silver Lake Village, Empire Pass and Park Meadows.

The Park City region deployment not only marks the first battery-electric transit fleet for Utah and the nationwide mountain resort industry, it also represents the first implementation of Proterra’s battery-lease financing model—i.e.,. buy the bus, lease the battery. To address some of the cost barriers that have previously deterred transit agencies from transitioning to battery-electric vehicles, this new financing model enables agencies to purchase electric buses at approximately the same price or less than fossil fuel-based alternatives.

Proterra is responsible for the performance of the batteries through the life of the lease, removing operator risk.

Park City Transit received financing for the six Proterra buses through an extremely competitive Low-No Emissions Grant with the US Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration (FTA).


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