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HORIBA MIRA opens $10M advanced emissions test center; WLTP and RDE

HORIBA MIRA has enhanced its test and engineering capabilities following the official launch of its dedicated Advanced Emissions Test center (AETC). Developed in response to increased scrutiny around tailpipe emissions, as well as new legislation requiring extensive and increasingly complex testing methodologies, the AETC represents a total of almost £8-million (US$10 million) investment into HORIBA MIRA’s engineering facilities.

The AETC facilities will provide testing capabilities for global compliance, including Euro 6d Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), as well as incorporating Real World Driving Emissions (RDE) testing capabilities.

Located at HORIBA MIRA’s headquarters in Nuneaton, UK, the facility is centered around a four-wheel drive (4WD) climatic chassis dynamometer and includes three individual climatic soak rooms and an ambient soak room. The combination of the 4WD dynamometer, range of climatic conditions and state-of-the-art HORIBA emissions systems will allow the determination of exhaust pollutants over a range of climatic conditions, from temperatures of -20°C to 35°C.

Engineers at the facility will work closely with vehicle manufacturers, offering the full gamut of emissions testing which comply with current and foreseen future emissions regulations, including additional Type Approval for RDE.

The strategic investment has been made by the HORIBA Group and brings the total committed investment to date to almost £25 million (US$32 million) since MIRA joined HORIBA in July 2015. The center is the first to bring together six group companies of HORIBA, including HORIBA Japan and HORIBA MIRA who are collectively leading on project management, building and integration, as well as HORIBA Test Automation in UK, HORIBA UK, HORIBA France, and HORIBA Europe.


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