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Tesla to supply 100MW/129 MWh Powerpack to South Australia wind farm

Through a competitive bidding process, Tesla was selected to provide a 100 MW/129 MWh Powerpack system to be paired with global renewable energy provider Neoen’s Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown, South Australia. Tesla was awarded the entire energy storage system component of the project.

Tesla Powerpack will charge using renewable energy from the Hornsdale Wind Farm and then deliver electricity during peak hours to help maintain the reliable operation of South Australia's electrical infrastructure. The Tesla Powerpack system will further transform the state’s movement towards renewable energy and see an advancement of a resilient and modern grid.

Upon completion by December 2017, this system will be the largest lithium-ion battery storage project in the world and will provide enough power for more than 30,000 homes.

Last September, a 50-year storm damaged critical infrastructure in the state of South Australia, causing a state-wide blackout and leaving 1.7 million residents without electricity. Further blackouts occurred in the heat of the Australian summer in early 2017. In response, the South Australian Government as a leader in renewable energy, looked for a sustainable solution to ensure energy security for all residents, now and into the future, calling for expressions of interest to deploy grid-scale energy storage options with at least 100 megawatts (MW) of capacity.



'An array of lithium ion batteries will be connected to the Hornsdale wind farm, which is currently under construction in SA. It will look like a field of boxes, each housing Tesla commercial-scale Powerpack batteries.
The array will be capable of an output of 100 megawatts (MW) of power at a time and the huge battery will be able to store 129 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy so, if used at full capacity, it would be able to provide its maximum output for more than an hour.
It will be a modular network, with each Powerpack about the size of a large fridge at 2.1 metres tall, 1.3m long and 0.8m wide. They weigh in at 1,200 kilograms each.
t will have just slightly more storage than the next biggest lithium battery, built by AES this year in southern California.
But Tesla's 100 MW output would be more than three times larger than the AES battery and five times larger than anything Tesla has built previously.
The largest lithium ion battery storage system that Tesla has built to date sits on a 0.6-hectare site at Mira Loma in southern California.
American electricity company Southern California Edison was also involved. It has a storage capacity of 20 MW, or 80 MWh, and is said to be capable of powering 15,000 homes.'


Battery cycle life is a trade off where more capacity gives the batteries an easier time.
If you cut down the ratio of capacity to output, from the 4:1 of Southern California Edison to the 1.3:1 of the Tesla installation in SA, then that will have implications for cycle life but of course reduces costs as it is a way smaller battery.
So no doubt they have come up with some exceedingly optimistic 'estimates' for cycle life to win the contract, with zero real evidence that they have made the major breakthroughs in battery cycle life they would need to make this work for the projected lifespan.
Still, the cash is now, and the problems likely to occur long after Tesla has gone to the great Chapter 11 in the sky, and they sure aren't selling batteries residentially, so if they can stiff SA by promising something for nothing and undercutting reputable companies, its a no brainer.


The windmills will be better pumping pressurized co2 instead of directly connected to the grid. You further heat the co2 with solar in the day and nat gas in the night . You then build a more efficient entire power plant that can store heat and pressure in big tanks.

But wait, climate change scammers just collect money for inneficient projects and never deliver a good products. When they build this wind farm projects, they probably say that it will be efficient but now they want to collect more and more money to store just a little quantity on electric change. What do harvyd and engineer poet have to say on a efficient big power storable pressurized co2 windmill project ??


Who would have guessed it?

I'm just so grate full to the battery/Tesla trolls for putting me straight.
Where would the world be if not for 'experts?

And all the while we were told that it was the wind turbines going feral and blowing over the fifty kilometers of transmission lines that caused the statewide blackouts over several days.

That the privately owned gas peaking plant in the unregulated market declined the request to startup one hour before the start of the blackouts.
""It is a very old station and its reliability is poor because it's very much getting to the end of life," he told a Senate inquiry.
Earlier this year there was an explosion and fire at Torrens Island when a transformer operated by transmission company Electranet failed."

That 100MW battery will not solve the problems That it was never designed to solve.

Well actually It isn't a 'storage device' It is a grid services regulation device to assist with the states high takeup in renewables.

Australia's emissions rose ~1/2% over the last two reporting periods is disclosed after freedom of information requests to obtain the last two 1/4 reports. (Qurterly reports have been made publicly available for years - till now)

The court orderd reports reveal that the electricity industry emissions (S.A. renewables 4,500 gigawatt hours in 2017/18), are the only bright spot in otherwise gloomy prediciction for incresing year on year emissions increase. The Gov't saying " we are on target to meet our targets"

The court obtained reports show the opposite. The Fed gov't lies.

Good one.

FYI know this.
The (above)private gas peaking pant operators were circumvented..

Private co AGL's gas plan S.A. Was 12 @ 18MW for total 210.

AGL to build "rapid response" power station in Adelaide - InDaily

" AGL will build a $295 million power station near Torrens Island in Adelaide ... All Categories ... He said the reciprocating engine power station was more fuel ... The 12 units at the new plant will be capable of operating at full capacity "

Instead the S.A. Govt will build similar to 250 MW

"Mar 13, 2017 - SA electricity crisis: Government unveils $550 million power plan ... BUILDING a State Government-owned, fast start gas-fired power station ... It would be 250MW, enough to deliver close to 10 per cent of SA'S peak demand. ... to have our own back-up generation in place to serve the needs of the SA public ..."

But why would anyone let the truth get in the way of

"A Good Story"


Tesla has supposedly already doubled the lifespan of their cells, and are putting them in their backup systems, but not yet in cars. https://electrek.co/2017/05/09/tesla-battery-lifetime-double/


Then don't buy any ev till they fit this double lifespan battery in the car.

Henry Gibson

FZSoNick Has a 110 volt battery pack for railway car lights when the catenary fails. It would have a 50 year life in most homes and can run most CFLs directly. The electric grid has no need to exist where there is or can be a pipe grid for methane or hydrogen or propane or DME tanks. Turbines and engines are efficient and are built in great quantity. Even some solar or wind energy might make it into such homes, but fuel is concentrated backup beyond compare. ..HG..


Tesla fanboys and gals leaping to the defence of the greatest con-man of the 21st century does not impress me either.

As usual with Tesla, they have foisted this off with exaggerated claims, just like the 'level 5 ready' cars they are currently selling at a premium, and where they class action is just getting going

I am perfectly aware of the actual uses of batteries in the grid, but that is not what they pushed this as.

Of course this would be the first time a desperate company has ever claimed that its products could do stuff its specs said it couldn't. for instance those from Panasonic suitably adjusted upwards, just as Tesla upped the specs from those Mobileye laid down for sensors, and claimed stuff never claimed by the manufacturer.

I have in fact rarely commented on Tesla. as it is in its financials that the con-job really shines through, not really the point of this technical forum, and the results should be with us soon enough.

But is it interesting that if the divinity and his works are questioned the faithful rally, no matter how beside the point their would be rebuttals are.


Davemart they've used their insane stock price to generate and spend cash like crazy to actually build > 500,000 BEV's/year. No other company is within an order of magnitude of that. Succeed or fail there's no doubt in my mind they've been influential.

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