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Alfen delivers 3MW storage system with BMW batteries

Dutch grid technology and services company Alfen has delivered a 3MW stationary storage system using BMW batteries to Nuon’s Prinses Alexia Windpark in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. The system will be expanded to 12 MW over the coming period, making it the largest storage project in the Netherlands.

The Alfen storage system helps to smooth peaks and troughs in power supply and better match the demand for energy.

This is Alfen’s second project connecting energy storage to a wind farm. In May this year, Alfen delivered a 1MW storage system linked to wind farm Giessenwind at Giessenburg.

Our system is compatible with multiple batteries. The excellent collaboration with both Nuon and BMW has made it possible to realize this innovative system in a short period of time. In addition, the installation has a modular set-up which makes it easy to expand in the future.

—Andreas Plenk, responsible for global sales of energy storage systems at Alfen


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