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Borgward expanding to the Middle East; westwards from China

Borgward will systematically continue to globalize its activities by entering the markets of Middle Eastern countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Iran. In accordance with this roadmap, the company will expand westwards from China before entering the European market.

As announced, we will boost growth further and open up new markets. Among them are the Middle Eastern countries, which, according to our studies, will develop favorably in the years to come. In this region, we expect especially strong momentum to come from Iran.

— Ulrich Walker, CEO of Borgward Group AG

The “great affinity” of Arab customers for SUV and all-wheel-drive vehicles was one of the main reasons why Borgward has decided to launch sales in the countries of the region.

Our current product range, consisting of the all-wheel-drive Borgward BX5 and Borgward BX7 models, and the consistent expansion of our lineup of SUV models promise a successful market launch and sustainably positive business development in this region.

—Tom Anliker, Vice President Marketing & Sales at Borgward Group AG

The Borgward BX5 and the BX7 were designed by an international development team to be world vehicles, suited for all climate and use conditions worldwide. The engineers adapted all of the climate-control systems for the engines and the vehicle interiors so that they would be suited for the countries of the region, which generally feature hot desert climates and, in some cases, unpaved roads in rural areas. The underbody protection and chassis were modified to optimize their bad-road capabilities.

At this year’s Auto Shanghai (21–28 April), Borgward presented the BXi7, an SUV with all-electric drive. The near-series concept car demonstrated the potential of the Borgward e-PROPULSION electric drive platform. The BXi7 a range of up to 500 kilometers and can be charged to 80 percent of capacity within 30 minutes at a fast-charging station.


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