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China Yuchai International Limited, through its main operating subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company Limited (GYMCL), won an order for 100 diesel-electric hybrid engine from Liuzhou Bus, which operates Liuzhou’s public transportation system.

The order comprises 85 new buses from Xiamen Kinglong and 15 buses from Zhongtong Bus—all powered by GYMCL’s YC6J200-50 diesel-electric hybrid engines. GYMCL is the exclusive engine supplier for this order. The YC6J200-50 is a compact, lightweight, 4-stroke, 6-cylinder hybrid engine rated at 147 kW at 2500 rpm. It is designed to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.


Liuzhou is a city located in the north-central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region with a population of more than 3.8 million.

We have become the preferred supplier of engines to Liuzhou Bus and the dominant supplier of hybrid engines in the Chinese market. We continue to introduce environmentally-friendly and advanced hybrid engines to meet the government’s increasingly stringent emission standards.

—Weng Ming Hoh, President of China Yuchai


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