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Solaris—one of the leading bus manufacturers in Europe—has secured an order for more than 200 hybrid buses from Société Régionale Wallonne du Transport, the primary bus operator in Wallonia, Belgium. These buses will not only be the first Solaris buses to include BAE Systems hybrid systems for propulsion, but also the first buses to use BAE’s newest energy storage system, the ESS-3G-1K.

The ESS-3G-1K system uses ultracapacitor technology which is known to be reliable, highly efficient, and power dense reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) with its long design life.

The successful integration of our product onto Solaris test buses has yielded the first of what we hope are many more orders into the European market using this new energy storage system.

—Ian Wilson, Global Business Development director for BAE Systems

The hybrid solutions’ energy storage system not only stores system-generated power but it also recaptures the bus operator’s braking energy for even greater efficiency. Then, only the stored energy is drawn upon to power the motor used for vehicle propulsion and to drive all other bus accessories, such as air compressors, power steering, etc. This design allows operators to drive a bus on all-electric power since the motor drives the wheels using stored energy.

For Solaris, this order is its biggest success in Belgium. The hybrid buses will be used by two bus operators: TEC Hainaut and TEC Liege-Verviers.



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