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Toyota looking for principal engineer for power electronics for heavy-duty fuel cell powertrains

Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America is looking to hire a principal engineer to head up power electronics system development of fuel cell Electric Vehicle (EV) powertrains for heavy-duty truck applications. In April, Toyota revealed “Project Portal”—a hydrogen fuel cell system designed for heavy-duty trucks applied in a Class 8 truck for use at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). (Earlier post.)

The engineer will report to the Executive Program Manager, and support the Product Development Office’s objective to develop FC EV Powertrain kits for heavy-duty truck applications.

Job functions will include:

  • Developing an optimized power management system based on the truck duty cycle power equipment;

  • Optimizing battery in and out energy management;

  • Enhancing fuel cell power draw;

  • Managing the traction motor control strategy;

  • Developing the regenerative energy recovery strategy and the execution system;

  • Contributing to the overall strategy for system design and implementation; and

  • Providing technical mentoring of the engineering team assigned to the program.



Very good idea. He/she will be busy?
Where is the team?

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