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ClipperCreek introduces new advanced control interface for HCS series EV charging stations

ClipperCreek, Inc. recently unveiled a new expansion card for their HCS product line of charging stations. COSMOS is an option for the Level 2, 240V ClipperCreek HCS Series and can be added to any HCS Series charging station for $184.

COSMOS was designed for developers, system operators, and system integrators; it features a simple digital load management interface, as well as UART Serial Communication interface for more advanced connection to third party monitoring and control systems. The ClipperCreek UART Serial Communications protocol document is available to any interested developer by contacting ClipperCreek for details.

Available UART Serial commands include:

  • Set EVSE Pilot (available power) level – 5 levels
  • Monitor vehicle connected status
  • Monitor EVSE active/inactive status
  • View advanced EVSE diagnostics information
  • System defaults to hardwired digital load management if serial communication lost

Digital Load Management Interface features:

  • Four levels of output power control
  • Optically-coupled Open Collector output – pulled low when EVSE makes power available for charging

COSMOS allows users to easily add EV charging to existing building and energy management or other control infrastructure, leveraging what they already have in place to get the features they need at the best value. The COSMOS digital and serial interfaces are both being successfully used by several companies and developers today.

—ClipperCreek’s Director of Sales, Will Barrett

COSMOS-enabled HCS charging stations are delivered fully assembled with a communication conduit for external access to serial and digital load management interfaces. COSMOS is compatible with the ChargeGuard key-based access control, and “Ruggedized” HCS charging stations.



This company makes excellent products!

I agree, Lad. I've have one at the office, one at home for four years. Very reliable.

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