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Autonomous electric vehicle maker NAVYA picks Saline, MI for first US plant

In a joint announcement, French elecric autonomous vehicle manufacturer NAVYA, with project collaborators Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and Ann Arbor SPARK, announced that its Michigan plant (earlier post) will be located in the city of Saline, Michigan with a 20,000+ ft2 facility. NAVYA plans to build approximately 25 of its ARMA fully autonomous shuttle vehicles at the plant before the close of 2017.

NAVYA has deployed 45 ARMA vehicles worldwide, with more than 170,000 passengers transported to date. With the addition of its new plant in Saline, the company will be able to boost production significantly to serve the growing North American market.

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of more than $1 million and create 50 jobs, resulting in a $435,000 Michigan Business Development performance-based grant. The funds are approved by the Michigan Strategic Fund and administered by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.



This is a move in the right direction for future lower cost human transportation and should make the President (DT) happy?

USA can become a competitive manufacturing country again.

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