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Saitama City, Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor begin electric motorcycle trials

Saitama City (Japan), Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor will begin evaluation testing towards the expansion of the use of electric motorcycles. As part of Saitama City’s “E-KIZUNA Project” policies to promote the spread of electric vehicles, this collaborative initiative by the three parties also aims to resolve the issues in areas which are lacking in transport accessibility.

This evaluation testing program marks the first joint initiative between a local government body and the two motorcycle manufacturers.

Evaluation testing will utilize Honda and Yamaha’s electric technology and Saitama City’s existing infrastructure. Rental and battery exchange service for EV Motorcycles in the Class-1 Category (two or more wheels and an engine with total displacement of 50 cc or less or an electric motor with rated output of 0.60 kW or less) will be open to the public at the Saitama-Shintoshin Station East Exit Bicycle etc. Parking Lot.

An EV motorcycle sharing scheme is currently under consideration as the next step.


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