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Suzuki selects Hitachi Automotive’s Li-ion battery module for new Swift hybrids

Suzuki Motor has selected Hitachi Automotive Systems’ lithium-ion battery module for the new Swift Hybrid SG and Swift Hybrid SL; the new models were launched on 12 July 2017.

The lithium-ion battery module features high performance and reliable battery cells combined into a single unit with a voltage detection substrate for detecting voltage in the battery cells. This made it possible to reduce the weight by 35% (compared to the previous product by Hitachi Automotive Systems) and lower its height by 37% (compared to the previous product by Hitachi Automotive Systems).

Suzuki’s hybrid system combines a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) with the Auto Gear Shift (AGS). In addition to providing a boost function, the system automatically stops the engine and switches to EV driving when the vehicle is running at a constant speed or during creeping.

The system offers two driving modes to let the driver select between brisk driving, and driving with priority on fuel efficiency by increasing the frequency of EV driving.


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