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China Yuchai delivers 76 diesel-electric plug-in hybrid buses to Shenzhen

China Yuchai International has delivered 76 diesel-electric hybrid buses, all powered by YC6A270-50 engines, to Siweimei Motor Transport Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. This is the second large order from Siweimei since its purchase of 110 units at the end of 2016.

The diesel-electric hybrid system used in the buses consists of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company’s (GYMCL’s) YC6A270-50 7.26-liter diesel engine compliant with China’s National V Emission Standards, and a plug-in charging battery.

Siweimei provides private group transport including for tourism operations and was designated as the preferred transporter for the XIX International Botanical Congress presently being held in Shenzhen City. The 76 buses powered by GYMCL’s YC6A270-50 engines are being utilized for the conference.

Shenzhen City was the Chinese government’s first Special Economic Zone. The city’s population has swelled to more than 11 million people.


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