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Nissan teases aerodynamic design of new LEAF

In its ongoing series of teasers leading up to the reveal of the new LEAF EV in September, Nissan has released a rendering of the car’s improved aerodynamic design. The new design improves efficiency, and thus range on a single charge. Less drag and better stability enable the vehicle to drive longer distances before having to recharge.


The redesigned next-generation Nissan LEAF is lower to the ground, helping it realize zero lift for better stability at high speeds. Other new design features significantly stabilize the car when hit by strong crosswinds.

Inspired by airplane wings, Nissan engineers recreated the ideal shape for the new LEAF, enabling a symmetric air flow that helps it slice through the air for a smoother, more efficient journey.



Hope they will offer a lighter unit made with lighter materials to further increase range per charge?


+ the battery weight. This is the Achilles heal of EVs: you can give them reasonable range, but at the cost of considerable weight (or mass).


You could also put a 1.5 dCi diesel in it and make a very efficient ICE car...


I hope that they improved the aesthetics. They were so ugly that you hated to park next one in case it was contagious:)

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