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Report: GS Yuasa to produce new Li-ion batteries by 2020 that double range of small EVs

The Nikkei reports that by 2020, Japan’s GS Yuasa will begin mass producing lithium-ion batteries that double the driving range of small electric vehicles. Lithium Energy Japan, a joint venture with trading house Mitsubishi Corp. and carmaker Mitsubishi Motors, will develop the cells, which will be produced at its plant in Shiga Prefecture and supplied to automakers in Japan and Europe.

According to the report, the plan is to hold down the price of the batteries to about the same level as existing products.

GS Yuasa is the world’s fourth-largest supplier of automotive lithium-ion batteries. In 2014, the Japan Times reported that GS Yuasa had developed a next-generation lithium-sulfur battery with three times the capacity of existing products, with plans to commercialize it by 2020. (Earlier post.)



What people don't say is that you only get 85% efficiency with these battery losing energy when charging and discharging. Also teslas lose energy when parked doing nothing because the big central computer consume electricity because it is always working and when batteries worn, they lose charge because of idiosyncrasies in the worn electrodes.

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