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The average fuel economy (window-sticker value) of new vehicles sold in the US in July was 25.4 mpg (9.25 l/100 km)—up 0.3 mpg from June, according to the latest monthly report from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).   This increase likely reflects the decreased proportion of light trucks in the sales mix in July compared to June, they suggested.


The value for July is up 5.3 mpg since October 2007 (the first month of their monitoring), but still down 0.1 mpg from the peak of 25.5 mpg reached in August 2014.

The University of Michigan Eco-Driving Index (EDI)—an index that estimates the average monthly emissions of greenhouse gases generated by an individual US driver—improved to 0.82 in May 2017, down from 0.84 in April 2017 (the lower the value, the better).  The EDI indicates that the average new-vehicle driver produced 18% lower emissions in May 2017 than in October 2007, but 4% higher emissions than the record low reached in November 2013.


The EDI takes into account both vehicle fuel economy and distance driven (the latter relying on data that are published with a two-month lag).



Zero or negative progress in the last three years?

That's what larger/heavier SUVs/pick-ups and less unemployment can do?

Account Deleted

Despite the constant talk from the mainstream media that "SUVs and PUs drive to higher sales", the average mileage is increasing, thanks to the big sales increase in plugin vehicles. Most of the so called SUVs are actually CUVs built on unibody frame which are lot more fuel efficient. Of late the sub compact CUVs are becoming common.

Overall the improvised turbo engines and tranny will ensure that mileage will gradually increase.

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