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Germany awards €233K to N-ERGIE to support 84 charging points in Bavaria; part of €300M federal program

The German government has awarded €233,000 (US$274,000) to N-ERGIE from the Federal Charging Infrastructure program to build 84 charging points in northern Bavaria. The aim of the Federal Charging Infrastructure is to build 15,000 charge points across Germany. The BMVI will provide a total of €300 million (US$352 million) to that end from 2017 to 2020.

Private investors, cities and municipalities can apply for funding under the program. The subsidy is pro rata and covers not only the installation of the charging column but also the grid connection.

A prerequisite for funding is, inter alia, that the charging columns are publicly accessible and are operated with electricity from renewable energy sources. The charging pillars must be accessible 24 x 7.


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