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Deutsche Post DHL Group, Ford unveil early build StreetScooter WORK XL electric delivery van; 150 pre-production vehicles

Deutsche Post DHL Group and Ford presented the first of their jointly produced electric delivery vans in Cologne, Germany. The vehicle, called the StreetScooter WORK XL, is based on a Ford Transit chassis fitted with a battery-electric drivetrain and a body designed and built to Deutsche Post DHL specifications. (Earlier post.)

In 2017, around 150 early build e-vans will be manufactured in the StreetScooter plant in Aachen, Germany. Deutsche Post DHL will use the e-vans to support its urban parcel delivery service in Germany. Deutsche Post DHL, StreetScooter and Ford plan to build 2,500 e-vans by the end of 2018. Like StreetScooter’s existing electric models—the WORK and WORK L—the WORK XL could be also sold to third-party customers.


Each WORK XL could save around five tonnes of CO2 and 1,900 liters (502 gallons US) of diesel fuel each year. With 2,500 vehicles in service as planned, this could result in a total saving of 12,500 tonnes of CO2 and 4.75 million liters (1.25 million gallons US) of fuel every year.

The WORK XL will have a load volume of 20 cubic meters and provide stowage space for more than 200 parcels. The e-van is fitted with a modular battery system delivering 30 kWh to 90 kWh of power, giving it a range of between 80 km and 200 km (50 to 124 miles).

The WORK XL not only is different in size and range from its sister vans—the WORK (4 cubic meters load volume) and the WORK L (8 cubic meters load volume)—but differs also in terms of the body construction. The WORK XL’s load area is fitted with shelves and is accessible from the driver’s cab. The vehicle can be loaded via the tailgate and a curbside sliding door. With a charging capacity of up to 22 kW, the average charging time is three hours.

In addition to the new WORK XL model, more than 3,000 StreetScooter WORK and WORK L electric vehicles, plus about 10,500 pedelecs, are currently in service with Deutsche Post DHL, making the group the largest e-fleet operator in Germany.



The idea is good but this high capacity small van has not enough range and charging time is 10X too long.

Both underperformances could be fixed with improved higher (2X) capacity ultra quick charge batteries by 2025 or so?


Soon they will have real world data, nations can say if Germany can do this why can't we?

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