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Kudan develops real time 3D mapping and position tracking software for autonomous car, drone, robotics markets

Kudan, Inc. has developed software for real-time 3D mapping and position tracking via camera, called “KudanSLAM” (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), targeting markets such as autonomous car, ADAS, drone, industrial and personal robots in addition to the existing AR/VR industries.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology allows computers to acquire, process, analyse and understand their environment and the objects within it, as well as their 3D position within that environment. Kudan developed a next-generation algorithm to replace current SLAM algorithms such as open-source ORB and PTAM (Parallel Tracking and Mapping).

Key features of KudanSLAM:

  • Flexible with camera setup including monocular, rolling shutter, and other sensors. Ready to be embedded on processor any other tech architecture.

  • High speed / Low consumption: less than 5% of mobile CPU .

  • High tracking accuracy: 1mm-1cm.

KudanSLAM is ready to be also combined with internal sensor and LiDAR and that leads to realize further robustness and more precise position tracking.

Performance comparison with open source algorithms
Processing time/ computing foot-print (ms for a single tracking frame) 1 15 30
Tracking accuracy (mm in 1m distance) 1 30 30
Mapping accuracy (mm in 1m distance) 1 50 20
Occlusion (minimum % of fields of view required for workable tracking) 10 50 20


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