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DOE announces $50M for large-scale pilot coal projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced the availability of a $50-million funding opportunity through the Office of Fossil Energy (DE-FOA-0001788) to design, construct, and operate two large-scale pilots for transformational coal technologies that improve coal-powered systems’ performance, efficiency, emission reduction, and cost of electricity.

DOE has supported a range of potentially transformational coal technologies aimed at enabling step-change improvements in coal-powered systems. Some of these technologies are now ready to proceed to the large-scale pilot stage of development. Applicants to this new FOA should have already demonstrated technical success at a small-scale pilot stage, and a 20 percent minimum cost share on total award values is required.

The FOA will involve three phases, with down-selections made between phases:

  • Phase I (Feasibility) will support efforts to secure team commitments; update the preliminary cost estimate and schedule for design, construction, and operation; secure construction/operation cost-share funding; and complete an environmental information volume.

  • Phase II (Design) selected projects will complete a front-end engineering design study, and complete the National Environmental Policy Act process.

  • Phase III (Construction/Operation) will ultimately be the two, final projects selected to support construction and operation of the large-scale pilot facilities.



Excellent objectives to (eventually) use the abundant supply of coal in USA while reducing pollution and GHG?

Other countries could follow?

Investing in buggy whip production. Clean coal is a myth, and coal CCS is devastatingly uneconomical. Utilities around the country are shuttering coal fired power plants.


Political window dressing for the core. At least it is not $500 million.


IGCC with fuels can work, we just have to see the benefits.

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