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GasBuddy, the company behind a smartphone app providing crowdsourced information to help drivers find the best gasoline prices, has introduced Pay with GasBuddy, a new payment service that provides US drivers with a discount off of gasoline purchases. The free-to-join card program gives drivers 15 cents per gallon off a first purchase and at least five cents off every subsequent fuel purchase.

There are more than 200 million drivers in the US, spending more than $315 billion on gasoline each year. Using Pay with GasBuddy, these US consumers could collectively save $7.2 billion on the approximately 143.4 billion gallons of gas they will pump in 2017, the company said.

Today, GasBuddy breaks new ground as a media company building its own proprietary, secure, federated payments network for the more than $315 billion spent on retail gasoline. The sheer scale and focus of our installed base of nearly 70 million drivers, combined with the value and convenience we’re delivering to the consumer, should make Pay with GasBuddy a very popular choice for US motorists.

—Walt Doyle, the CEO of GasBuddy

Pay with GasBuddy is the first commercial product delivered from the strategic partnership announced earlier this summer with WEX, a leading provider of corporate payment solutions. For the last year, GasBuddy has also been assembling management, technology, engineering and operations talent from the companies such as PayPal, Cumberland Farms SmartPay and Heartland Payment Systems as it built out a team to commercialize secure consumer payments technology for the $315 billion retail gasoline market.

Consumers can enroll in the free Pay with GasBuddy program by visiting, or downloading the free GasBuddy smartphone app and clicking on the wallet icon. Consumers sign up by connecting a valid checking account to Pay with GasBuddy. No credit application is necessary, and accounts are connected in about a minute.

Enrollees will receive a card in the mail, which they activate by setting up a unique Driver ID in the GasBuddy app. The card is swiped at the retail pump.


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