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Toyota begins collaboration with Grab on ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia; MSPF

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFS), Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance (Aioi) and Grab, Inc. (Grab), the largest ride-hailing service company in Southeast Asia, are collaborating to provide ride-hailing services throughout Southeast Asia.

The Connected Company, a TMC in-house company, developed the data-transmission TransLog driving recorder, a device that captures driving patterns and deliver telematics services such as a vehicle position management system to fleet customers. This project will now be extended to Southeast Asia for the first time.

With TransLog installed in 100 Grab rental cars, Toyota will analyze driving patterns captured by the recording devices, and consider steps to deliver connected services including user-based insurance, financing programs, and predictive maintenance that make up the Toyota Mobility Service Platform (MSPF). (Earlier post.)

Grab offers the widest range of on-demand transportation services in the most markets in Southeast Asia, with more than 55 million app downloads and more than 1.2 million drivers in 87 cities across 7 countries.

Through this collaboration with Grab, we would like to explore new ways of delivering secure, convenient and attractive mobility services to our fleet customers in Southeast Asia.

—Shigeki Tomoyama, Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation and President of the Connected Company

Through this collaboration with Grab, Toyota will continue to explore further opportunities through its Toyota Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) to deliver even greater benefits to fleet customers.

The MSPF aggregates and comprehends individual business functions, such as vehicle management systems and leasing programs, and offers them to mobility service providers. When Toyota partners with mobility service providers, the provider can select and use functions in the MSPF to offer more convenient and refined services to users.



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