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ChargePoint, Inc. announced the availability of a complete suite of charging solutions to help drivers in Europe charge at home, work, around town and on long trips. With residential solutions for multi-family and single-family homes as well as public and commercial solutions for many types of businesses including, fleets, public charging sites and rapid charging hubs along major roadways, ChargePoint is the only company to deliver a comprehensive suite of charging solutions for every scenario.

Battery electric vehicle market penetration is expected to grow to 40% in Europe by 2030.

At ChargePoint, we are committed to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles having developed a complete portfolio of charging solutions that enable a premium charging experience for EV drivers and station owners alike. We are building on our charging expertise to extend the right solutions for the European market, designed to address the unique challenges many drivers face today. Delivering a class-leading charging experience to drivers and station owners across the region will encourage even more people to choose electric vehicles.

—Pasquale Romano, President and CEO, ChargePoint

By supporting single-phase and three-phase power, cable attached and cable managed stations as well as socketed stations for Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles, ChargePoint’s complete suite of solutions enables a superior charging experience for EV drivers and simplifies charging management for station owners.

  • ChargePoint Home meets the charging needs of EV drivers who live in single-family homes or have their own garage or dedicated parking space. ChargePoint Home makes it easy for drivers to manage charging in the ChargePoint mobile app, which can monitor energy usage as well as schedule, start or stop charging sessions.

  • The CP4100 Type 2 socketed AC charging station and CP4300 Type 2 cable attached AC station offer charging for businesses, multi-family residences and fleets. The CP4500 socketed AC charging stations are equipped with local grid connections to allow for direct connection to the grid for public charging hubs.

  • For EV drivers on long trips or in need of quick chargers, the ChargePoint Express 250 and Express Plus DC ultra-fast charging stations support CHAdeMO, CCS2, CCS1 and GB/T connectors. With a comprehensive online dashboard and the ChargePoint network, station owners can get reports on charging station use, energy costs and environmental savings.

ChargePoint commercial products are available for order now and will begin shipping later this year. Businesses can contact ChargePoint for more information about EV charging solutions best suited to their unique charging requirements.

Earlier this year, ChargePoint raised a $125 million Series G round led by Daimler with participation from Siemens to bring EV charging to Europe. The company will continue to enhance EV charging solutions for all stakeholders with the aim to accelerate the shift to electric mobility.


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