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The US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) intends (DE-FOA-00001807) to issue, on behalf of the Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO), a funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001808) targeting the development plug-in electric vehicle systems that can recharge rapidly at high power levels.

Advanced battery projects will focus on early-stage research of battery cells that can enable extreme fast charging, while electrification projects will support the development and verification of electric drive systems and infrastructure for plug-in vehicle fast charging.

DOE said that developing these systems should allow plug-in electric vehicles to be charged much faster than current vehicle charging, enabling the greater use of electricity for transportation (which is 98%, domestic energy generation from diverse sources) and encouraging the widespread use of plug-in vehicles. DOE anticipates that the FOA may include the following Areas of Interest:

  • Development of Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) Systems for Electric Vehicles. The objective of this area of interest is to develop and verify light-, medium-, or heavy-duty vehicle electronics and electric drive systems that can enable XFC technology capable of recharging a battery at least twice as fast as current fast charging technologies. Project teams should include partnerships that include one or more of the following: state governments, local governments, metropolitan transporation authorities, air pollution control districts, and private or nonprofit entities.

  • Batteries for Extreme Fast Charging (XFC). The objective of this area of interest is to research and develop fast charge battery cells capable of achieving at least 500 cycles (with less than 20% fade in specific energy) consisting of a 10- minute fast charge protocol, while achieving or improving state-of-the-art cell specific energy and cost. Example technology areas include, but are not limited to: novel electrode and cell architectures; novel electrolytes; active material modifications; and improved additives.

Through this notice, VTO is making interested parties aware of plans to release a funding opportunity announcement in the near-term.



We need to quantify cell degradation with ultra fast charging.

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