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Shell, Honda, Toyota collaborate on 7 new H2 refueling stations in California

On 9 August, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) awarded a grant of $16,362,500 to Equilon Enterprises LLC, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, for the introduction of seven hydrogen refueling stations in Northern California.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be built in collaboration with Honda and Toyota, who will provide financial support, at seven Shell-branded retail stations across Northern California: three in the city of San Francisco, and one in each of Berkeley, Sacramento, Citrus Heights and Walnut Creek.

The Energy Commission awarded the grant through its Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP), which invests up to $100 million every year to support innovations in transportation and fuel technologies that help California meet its energy, clean air, and climate change goals.



A hand to California, Shell, Honda and Toyota for their contribution to install more H2 stations in northern California.

Another 50+ new H2 stations/year will be installed in the rest of California. A total of 500+ H2 stations will be reached by 2022/2025.

More and more Californians will drive FCEVs and/or FC Hybrids to further reduce pollution and GHG. How many more States will follow?

An indication of which new drivetrain technologies will be available within the next few years is the plethora of announcements from automakers. There is a wave of commitments to electrify the entire product line, most recently from Volkswagen. For FCVs, not so much.


Whoever is hiding behind the corporate identity of eci:

Have you got a neurotic compulsion to troll hydrogen and fuel cell threads on other sites?

You have a site already to dispense propaganda.

Never pass up an opportunity for personal attacks, Davemart, it builds your brand.

Apparently pointing out that there are four hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the market, with possibly a few more coming within the next five years, and thirty-odd battery-electric and plug-in hybrids currently available with several dozen more slated for production within the next five years is enough to send you onto a frenzy.

Got some money riding on this compressed gas technology? Send me the name of your local pub and I'll buy you a pint so you can properly console yourself.


Don't take it personally, we just don't like you.

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