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ABB receives order for additional 117 rapid charging station in Germany

ABB has received another major order from energy supplier EnBW for the expansion of the charging column network on German highways. By the end of 2017, ABB will have delivered an additional 117 50 kW rapid-charging columns at the locations of service station operator Tank & Rast. The charging stations can be installed in almost every parking configuration and vehicles can be recharged within 30 minutes.

The latest generation of charging columns is connected to the Internet via a cloud solution, enabling cashless payments, among other things.

Last year, EnBW awarded an order to ABB for 68 such rapid-charging stations with a high-charging capacity of 50 kilowatts (kW). With this latest order, ABB is further expanding its market leading position in the charging infrastructure for electric mobility in Germany. In Europe and the US, ABB is already the market leader, with no other company having such a large installed base.

ABB has been offering rapid charging solutions since 2010. More than 5,000 networked systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles have been installed worldwide.

ABB’s portfolio in DC fast charging solutions ranges from 20kW wall boxes to Ultra-Fast Charging solutions for cars and 600kW electric buses.



Is 50 KW still considered 'high-charging capacity'? May be ok for homes and appartment buildings but to little for public charging facilities. Who wants to charge is TESLA S-100 during 60 to 90+ minutes or so?

Ultra fast Charging for Cars and Buses is or will soon be between 600 KW and 1200 KW. Interim chargers are already up to 450+ KW.

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